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Different Types of Swimming Pools


Planning to have a swimming pool built in your property takes more than just deciding on its size and shape, you also have to decide on the actual materials that will be used for your pool.


There are several types of swimming pool materials you can choose from, every type has its pros and cons.


Generally, swimming pools can be categorized according to the way they are built: above ground or in-ground.


Above Ground Pools


As the name implies, above ground pools are constructed above the ground of your property. You can expect above ground pools to be slightly elevated than the surface area around them. Some argue that having an above ground pool makes a property unpleasant to look at, but with a few decorative additions like a patio or a deck, you can make it look good.


In-Ground Pools


In contrast to the above ground pools, in-ground pools are installed within the ground. In-ground pools cost more than above ground pools, but they are preferred by many despite the price because they look more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, in-ground pools add more value to your home as compared to above ground pools.


Aside from the way pools appear, they could also be categorized according to the materials used to make them. Concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl liner pools.


Concrete pools: Have superb durability, can be really beautiful once finished as it can be customized to take almost any size or shape you want. Takes a while to be constructed and requires constant maintenance.


Fiberglass pools: Fast installation process and easy to maintain. However, it costs more than other pool types and is not as flexible when it comes to size and shape since this pool type usually has a surface that’s pre-made.


Vinyl Liner pools: Compared to the other types of swimming pools, vinyl liner pools are the most affordable. It’s fairly easy to maintain and can be constructed faster than concrete pools. However, this type is not as durable as fiberglass or concrete pools.