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Basic Pool Cleaning Equipment

Pool Cleaning Equipment

Swimming pools need regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that people who swim in it will not develop any skin irritation or harmful bacterial infection.


In order for you to keep your swimming pools free from dirt, debris, and algae growth, you need basic pool cleaning equipment.


Pool vacuum – A pool vacuum is essential for you to be able to get rid of all the dirt accumulated on the sides and floors of the pool. Using a longer hose will help you reach the deepest and hard to reach areas on the bottom of your pool.


Pool brush – While a high powered pool vacuum can remove most dirt from the pool sides and pool floor, nothing beats a pool brush in scrubbing any contaminant stuck on your pool shell. A pool brush with plastic bristles is one of the best choices when it comes to pool brushes are they may be used for both concrete and vinyl pools.


Pool net – Also called pool skimmer or leaf skimmer, the pool net was created to get rid of averagely sized debris in your swimming pool such as leaves and branches.


Tile brush – It’s not only the pool walls and floors that you have to take care of, you also have to scrub the tiles at the sides of your pool. Any algae stuck in your pool tiles won’t just make your pool look dirty, it can lead to dangerous slips as well.


Extended pole – Extended poles are important because this will be your best friend in reaching far areas in your pool. Your pool brush and pool net can be attached to your extended pole.


Pool water testing kit – Testing the chlorine and the pH levels of your swimming pool is something you have to get used to if you have a pool. Maintaining the correct levels will make sure that your pool will preserve its cleanliness and will be free from growth of germs and bacteria.